Pilates is a method of exercise that rehabilitates and conditions the body for life. It can dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels, and performs. It is a safe and sensible low impact exercise system that will help you look and feel your best. Pilates conditions the body as a whole, training several muscles at once, which creates a balanced and evenly conditioned body. It is designed to balance strength and flexibility through body movements that elongate and tone your muscles. Therefore, it builds strength without excess bulk. Most importantly, it teaches body awareness and good posture, which is key to a healthy lifestyle.

Pilates-based Rehabilitation 
Today the Pilates Method is widely practiced for both its rehabilitation and fitness benefits. Members of the medical community increasingly recognize Pilates as one of the more successful methods to treat many injuries including spinal disorders, joint disease, and pain syndromes. Because Pilates trains patterns of movement as opposed to isolating individual muscle groups, it can lead to fewer injuries, better coordination, and improved strength and flexibility. The benefits of Pilates-based rehabilitation are remarkable.

Benefits of Pilates-based rehabilitation

C.O.R.E. Physical Therapy is pleased to announce Mat Pilates Classes. These classes are held every Saturday morning. Please call our front desk for class time. Using the six principles of Pilates, this class focuses on improving movement through your spine, core stability, breathing, and alignment of the entire body. We guarantee you will develop a new sense of body awareness that will carry into your everyday life. 

What makes our classes different than other clinics and wellness centers?

  • At C.O.R.E., all classes are taught by a licensed physical therapist who is certified in Mat Pilates classes  
  • Classes are no larger than 6 clients – we believe in giving you one on one attention and bridging the gap between rehabilitation and fitness in a safe and effective manner
  • After class, there is time for questions and answers with your instructor so you leave feeling confident in your new body awareness

Classes are $25/session or 6 for $125. Please call today to reserve your spot.  

Spread the word and join us on the road to a better body and quality of life.