Tony Touma

Tony's skills have helped me immeasurably. He has worked on my back, neck and legs and his work has enabled me to do what I love--play golf. Without Tony, I don't think my body would have allowed me to do that. I always leave an appointment with Tony feeling so much better than when I arrived. One of his best attributes is that he listens-- if something hurts more one day than another, he works on that. If I tell him that I really want to be able to swim or do some other form of exercise, he finds a way for me to do that. There are not enough superlatives to describe Tony and his work ---he is simply a great therapist.
Washington D.C.

Having endured two back injuries in my teens, back surgery 20 years later and ongoing structural and degenerative back problems, I had been in significant chronic pain for a long time when I began getting physical therapy from Tony Touma several years ago. I have found that the type of manual therapy practiced by Tony and his colleagues provides me substantial relief from the worst of the pain and has enabled me to tolerate more exercise and to function much better in my daily living. I have received treatment from many different therapists and others over the years, however, and I have learned that the caliber of the individual therapist makes all the difference. I am always amazed by Tony's ability to diagnose the source of the pain, which jumps around my body, and then to get the muscle to unclench or the vertebra to move so that the pain and spasm dissipate. Tony also assesses a patient's entire situation and suggests exercises and sometimes lifestyle changes with an eye to helping patients move beyond the need for therapy. I have recommended Tony to numerous fellow sufferers, some of whom had tried other therapists to no avail; everyone who has consulted Tony has experienced relief and sings his praises.
Washington D.C.

After a whole year of going to a highly recommended physical therapy clinic for heel and foot pain with no resolve is when I met Tony. He evaluated my problem and assessed that my body had developed incorrect patterns of movement and started to work on my whole body not just the foot. After 4 months of manual therapy the problem went away. Tony goes beyond the standard practices and takes his job to another level. He looks at the whole picture then responds using his highly specialized training. He educates you on what he is doing and why you are in the predicament you are in. I don't think of Tony as just a great physical therapist, Tony is a great friend.

Silver Spring, MD