Jeff Robinson

"In 2002, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, and after some initial physical therapy which did not help (from another therapist), was put on a regimen of Celebrex which abated the pain. The pain stopped in 2004 and I stopped taking Celebrex. In October, 2005, after a long airline flight, the same pain returned (a deep aching pain in my right shoulder blade). After consulting with my doctor, I was referred to Jeff Robinson to help me handle a pinched nerve between my C4 and C5 vertebrae. After two sessions, the pain was gone. In follow up sessions, Jeff showed me how to properly stretch and to keep the pinched nerve from not returning. Best of all, it's a good feeling to have total trust in the competency and professionalism of your medical provider which I have in Jeff Robinson."
GK Washington DC

"I trust Jeff more than any doctor. Jeff pulled me out of an erratic and protracted recovery from two concurrent, but independent maladies, which had set me back from an active athletic life for more than three years. He actually diagnosed one of the maladies before the doctors did. I finally regained the active use of my body with him at my side." "Jeff listens very hard but sensitively, visibly concentrates on you, and processes every input you give him. Now that I can run, row, ride, and workout on my own, I will miss him, but will continue to keep in mind his simple and wise advice that should serve to keep me away from him."
ZR Washington DC

Jeff Robinson has been my physical therapist now for almost three years. He was of immeasurable help to me in regaining strength in my leg. For six years I had not been able to recover from a knee injury that had led to patellar tendonitis and meniscus surgery and ultimately resulted in substantial muscle atrophy. I had seen other physical therapists without improvement, before I discovered Jeff and immediately experienced a whole new level of expertise. His analytic skills aim at a broadly based approach so that his effective manual therapy and immaginative exercise protocols not only involved the focus of the problem but extended muscular reeducation to the entire support system of the knee. Jeff shows much kindness in his concern for the patient, and compassionate support in the ups and downs of the recovery process. He continues to provide care for me now for a newly developed hip and back problem. For all this I would like to express my heartfelt thanks. My best recommendation probably is that recently my husband also has become Jeff's patient for his problems from scoliosis.
MM Washingon, DC

Jeff Robinson is an experienced runner (cross country, road races, triathalons) and a physical therapist, so he understands runners' injuries really well. I came in to see Jeff about a knee problem that my doctor diagnosed as chondromalacia or "runner's knee". Jeff proposed both manipulation of the joint and exercises that I did during the physical therapy office visits and at home. Within about six weeks, I was back to running pain free. What's great about Jeff is he figures out what exercises produce the best benefits for you and then over time he boils these down to a manageable set that you can do at home to prevent the injury from returning.
SB Arlington, VA