Hilary Granat

"Hilary is a superb and gifted physical therapist, amongst the absolute best in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Her abilities are due to a strong educational foundation in exercise physiology, more than a decade of experience as a personal trainer, and extensive experience in traditional and manual therapy. Her commitment to her art is reflected in her ongoing education, including certification as a Pilates instructor and work towards her doctorate. She is hands on, has excellent interpersonal skills, exudes confidence, and is an excellent clinician."
- Dr. Ben Shaffer, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Washington Capitals and Washington Nationals Team Physician

"I went through an arthroscopic knee surgery last year. As a National Team member of USA Rhythmic Gymnastics, the therapy was the most crucial part of my recovery. Hilary was recommended by a top surgeon, and without her amazing medical and therapeutic expertise, I could not have won 4 gold medals 3 months after surgery at the US National Championships. Now my knee feels better then ever!"
- Julie Zetlin, US Rhythmic Gymnasts Champion

"In October of 2005, I was in a terrible car accident near my college campus. I broke both legs and was confined to a wheelchair for 6 weeks. I heard wonderful things about Hilary Granat through word of mouth in my search for a hands-on physical therapist. Not only was Hilary enthusiastic to help me in my rehabilitation process, but also she was willing to come to my house for appointments — not many physical therapists make house calls! Hilary made what could have been a very difficult physical therapy process for me a successful personal challenge to test both my inner and outer strength. Wheeling though my neighborhood park was enjoyable when I was in Hilary's cheerful, upbeat presence. Now that I am walking weeks ahead of schedule, I credit Hilary with helping me get to my feet so quickly. In her kind and professional way, Hilary pushed me to work hard and keep up with my exercises. Even when I was finally walking, my experience was not so easy! I had several setbacks, but Hilary treated me consistently and helped me achieve my biggest goal... to be strong enough to go back to school and finish my second semester of senior year!"
- Liz Pavle

"I had constant back pain for over three years and tried lots of different treatments with no success. I was unable to exercise when I was recommended to Hilary. We focused on Pilates-based rehabilitation exercises for treatment. After working with Hilary, I am just about 100% cured! My back gives me infrequent problems. And, I'm running, biking, swimming, playing volleyball, and much more. So, a big fat thank you. You fixed me! Three years of constant pain, 10 months of focused Pilates, and now I'm cured. Amazing!"
- David Robbins

"I have a chronic, painful, in-operable case of spinal stenosis. Hilary, and Hilary alone, allows me to function as a trial lawyer. Her technical skill, wisdom, reliability and compassion are omnipresent and critical to my well-being. Hilary is my MVP."
- Reid Weingarten